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What is Loi Krathong?

Loi Krathong is the Thai Festival of Lights. It takes place on the night of the full moon of the twelfth lunar month (almost always November), and next to Songkran Day is one of Thailand's most important holidays. It is a day to pay respect and show honor to the spirit of the river, which is the lifeblood of Thailand.

Video: Golden Land - Burma (Myanmar)

Let's go to Burma (Myanmar), a country which has only just begun to open up to outsiders after more than half-a-century of isolation. Burma is a beautiful, tragic land, full of mystery, sadness, and hope. On our one-week adventure, we travel overland from Yangon (Rangoon), the old British colonial capital, to Mandalay, and finally to the ancient pagoda-filled plains of Bagan. Mingalbar! It was a lot colder than we anticipated...