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What to Eat and Drink in Macau

While Macau may be better known for its casinos than anything else, a visitor shouldn’t overlook the excellent cuisine that the city has to offer. Macanese cuisine is deeply steeped in the city’s history, and is influenced by both its traditional Chinese and colonial Portuguese past. Some of Macau’s best dishes can be found in its street food; some of the best food can sometimes be found in the most unassuming of local food stalls!

The Best Vietnamese Coffee that you MUST NOT Miss

Is Vietnamese coffee the best in the world? Try these three unique and famous brews that put Vietnamese coffee on the map. From Hanoi to Hue, and everywhere in between, Vietnamese coffee is famous across the world. What makes Vietnamese coffee so special? Which coffee drinks must you have in Vietnam? Here are three cups of coffee not to miss while traveling in Vietnam.