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Why I Love 7-Eleven in Thailand

If you’ve lived in or traveled around Asia, chances are, you’ve completely fallen in love with the convenience stores, particularly 7-Eleven. Sure, we have these stores in the US, but they can’t compare with what you’ll find in Japan, Thailand, or elsewhere across Asia. Here, convenience stores are a major part of life, and the expat or traveler’s best friend. Don’t believe me? After living abroad as an expat for six years, here are the reasons that I think 7-Elevens in Thailand are amazing. Read on:

The Best Vietnamese Coffee that you MUST NOT Miss

Is Vietnamese coffee the best in the world? Try these three unique and famous brews that put Vietnamese coffee on the map. From Hanoi to Hue, and everywhere in between, Vietnamese coffee is famous across the world. What makes Vietnamese coffee so special? Which coffee drinks must you have in Vietnam? Here are three cups of coffee not to miss while traveling in Vietnam.

Laos: A Weekend in Vientiane: 7 Things to do in Laos' Capital

Not a lot of people visit Laos, the sleepy, landlocked Southeast Asian country just north of Thailand. The Lao People's Democratic Republic is one of the world's five remaining communist countries, and has a reputation of being the friendliest and most laid back; a joke amongst travelers is that "PDR" in its name doesn't stand for "People's Democratic Republic", but instead "Please Don't Rush".