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Exploring the Han River Front - Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is a city of just over 1 million, which sits on the coast and is cut in half by the Han River. Many of the city’s most attractive spots (nicest hotels, most scenic restaurants) are located along the Han River Front area. The river is spanned by several modern and unique bridges, and is especially beautiful to visit at night, when the bridges are lit up in an impressive display of color.

The Best Museums in Da Nang, Vietnam to learn about Vietnamese history, art, and culture

Da Nang, Vietnam is home to some of Vietnam’s most interesting museums. I’ve chosen three of the best museums in the city. These are the ones that I think give visitors the best look at Vietnamese history and culture. Learn more about the Da Nang Museum, the Museum of Cham Sculpture, and the Fine Arts Museum. These three museums are perfect escapes from a rainy day in Da Nang.

The Po Nagar ruins in Nha Trang, Vietnam date back to the 2nd century. A small wooden temple stood on the hill in one form or another for the next few hundred years, until it was razed by invading Javanese in the 8th century. After that, Po Nagar was rebuilt in its current form. Today, you can visit the small but fascinating historical site while visiting Nha Trang.