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Why I Love 7-Eleven in Thailand

If you’ve lived in or traveled around Asia, chances are, you’ve completely fallen in love with the convenience stores, particularly 7-Eleven. Sure, we have these stores in the US, but they can’t compare with what you’ll find in Japan, Thailand, or elsewhere across Asia. Here, convenience stores are a major part of life, and the expat or traveler’s best friend. Don’t believe me? After living abroad as an expat for six years, here are the reasons that I think 7-Elevens in Thailand are amazing. Read on:

10 Thai Fruits You (Might) Have Never Seen Before

Have you ever seen these amazing, colorful, and exotic fruits? When I first came to Thailand, I had no idea how to eat them! These top amazing fruits are something that you must try when you visit Thailand. From Durian, the “King of Fruit” to Mangosteen, the “Queen of Fruit”, Thailand has some of the best and most colorful fruit in the whole world. Here are the fruits that you must try for the first time when you visit Bangkok, Thailand.