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Angkor Wat Travel Guide

Angkor Wat: ancient temple city, UNESCO site, bucket list item, wonder of the world. The price of tickets to the world-famous Angkor Wat nearly doubled in 2017, a new complication for world travelers on a budget. Make the most out of a one-day pass by seeing only the best of Angkor's most magical and unforgettable sites both on and off the beaten path.

Three Visa Run Destinations from Bangkok

Any long-term expat in Thailand knows of the dreaded ninety-day "visa run". Every three months, depending on the visa classification, an expat must either report to the local government office to "check in", or leave the country and re-enter on a fresh visa. This can get tedious and dull, but it doesn't have to be. Make a weekend getaway out of your visa run and visit one of the three best visa run destinations that are cheap and easy to visit from Bangkok.