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Morning Alms Giving Ceremony in Luang Prabang: Everything You Need to Know

The morning alms giving ceremony is an amazing way to participate in an ancient local custom, and to get in touch with the spirituality, history, and cultural heritage of Luang Prabang. Unfortunately, bad and disrespectful behavior by tourists has soured the experience somewhat. Help change things by being a responsible tourist. What time is the alms giving ceremony in Luang Prabang? How should you behave? What is the dress code? How do you give alms to monks?

Viting Bangkok's Royal Crematorium - First Look

From 2 November through 30 November, the public will be invited to visit the royal crematorium pavilion of His Majesty, the late King Rama IX of Thailand. The King passed away on 13 October 2016 after seventy years on the Thai throne, and after a year-long period of mourning, the royal funeral ceremony took place at Sanam Luang, outside the Grand Palace on 26 October 2017.

The Holiest Site in Thailand: Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Grand Palace)

If you have only one day in Bangkok and only time to visit one part of town, it will probably be the city's old town, Rattanakosin, home to some of the most famous and important sites in the city. Among these is Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Located inside Bangkok's Grand Palace Complex, the temple is the location of the Emerald Buddha, and the most sacred and important Buddhist site in the country.

Top 5 Temples to Visit in Bangkok

For a taste of the spiritual in the sprawling chaos that is Bangkok, most visitors to Thailand plan to visit at least a few Buddhist temples. The Thai capital has literally thousands of temples, from large royal-grade wats  to small neighborhood shrines. Here's a list of the top five temples to visit when you are in Bangkok, Thailand.