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Ordering a Vietnamese Tofu Platter

Want to try something new in Hanoi that is not pho or banh mi or bun cha??

Let us bring you to a secret gem hidden in a tiny alley across from Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi's Old Quarter.

Bún Đậu Việt or Vietnamese mixed platter: Best fried tofu by Bún Đậu Hàng Khay in Hanoi's Old Quarter

Bún Đậu Việt  or Vietnamese mixed platter: Best fried tofu

We are about to leave Hanoi and move south, but before we go, we want to try some new Vietnamese food that is not just the typical (although delicious) pho or bun cha. We accidentally found this place by Google Maps and decide to check it out for lunch. We aren't sure exactly what it's called or how it's translated into English. The one thing we are sure about though is that it's A MUST TRY Vietnamese dish.

We have been craving fired tofu in Hanoi lately. You'll see it on so many food carts and street stalls, and it always looks so good. This place can make some of the best fried tofu we've had! To get to the little hold-in-the-wall restaurant, we walked through a tiny, narrow alley to reach the restaurant. At the end of the alley you will see lots of locals sitting in a shop with tiny blue tables and stools. We were not sure how to order at first, but the waitress, who could speak English, ordered two portions for us.

The dish was served on a banana leaf that covered a woven tray. The plate consisted of warm fried tofu, which was crispy on the outside and amazingly soft inside; tasty fried spring rolls; a black herbal sausage (which looked a little scary but tasted so fresh); chewy tender pork; and other things that I really have know idea what to call them. I tried to notice how people eat it! Even if you aren't 100% sure what you are eating, that's part of the fun of a travel adventure, right? Sometimes you just have to be brave and try it and be so happy and surprised with how good it tastes!

The back herbal sausage scared me a bit but turned out to be so tasty also! On the side, they gave us each a tiny bowl of plain fish sauce for dipping, and limes and chili to add to taste. Chili really adds a nice flavor (take a tiny dip, don't soak it - it can become so spicy!). I have to say that this food experiences was very impressive. It's so DELICIOUS! It's not something  that you can expect the taste. But this was surely beyond my expectation! I enjoyed the tofu and spring rolls the most.

Later, I found online that their special menu is pork tongue but it's pricey compared to this regular dish. Be brave and try it! The shop is quite clean and not so hot inside. It's reasonably-priced for sure. I will come back again before I say so-long to Hanoi.  

We spent 100.000 VND for 2 portions + 1 water (1 portion is 45.000 VND)

(pork tongue: 70,000)

Location :

Tiny alley cross Hoan Kiem Lake that hides restaurant inside

Tiny alley cross Hoan Kiem Lake that hides restaurant inside

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