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A day in Coloane, Macau (Things to do and tips!)

A day in Coloane, Macau (Things to do and tips!)

Coloane counts as a countryside of Macau. On the way out to Coloane, you will enjoy views of hills, ocean, and more traditional culture.

Coloane is the southern part of what was once two of Macau’s islands, which have now been joined by an artificial casino-laden land-bridge into a single island. The central part of the island, where the casinos and the city’s international airport are located, is a very busy part of the city. Get away from the bustle and the lights, however, and discover a surprisingly quiet, serene, and green Coloane.

Tip: We took 26A BUS from Cotai to Coloane (There are several bus lines that go to Coloane, but 26A was very convenient, especially if you are coming from the peninsular part of Macau).

  1. Get started with the ORIGINAL Portuguese Egg Tart since 1989 (@ Lord Strow’s)

The Original Portuguese Egg Tart of Macau

The Original Portuguese Egg Tart of Macau

“Every great adventures must start with a full tummy!" that is my motto. This delicious egg tart is A THING that you must try. Although the egg tart may be the official snack of Macau, there’s only one original, and that can be found nowhere but at Lord Stow’s Bakery. It’s only $10 (HKD or MOP) per piece. I could smell it from far away from the moment I hopped off of the bus. You can read more about it here .

Tip: You can eat in Lord strow’s cafe or just buy from this original shop and cross the road to eat on a bench and look over the ocean.

Original Portuguese Egg Tart, Macao

2. Visit Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

The most famous landmark in Macau’s far south is the iconic Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, surrounded by a historic square and plaza. This small chapel once held some of Macau’s most important Catholic relics, many of which have now been moved to the Museum of Sacred Arts or to other churches in the city.

Tip: Although the chapel isn’t always open to visit, don’t miss exploring the surrounding neighborhood. The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is surrounded by some of the most charming brightly-painted homes and shops in Macau.

Chapel of St.Francis Xavier, Macao

3. Visit Old Buddhist Temples

It’s hard to recommend temples to visit in Coloane, as it seems that you’ll run into one on every corner. These small Buddhist and Taoist shrines are tucked away between buildings, or stand in the hearts of the local neighborhoods. Whichever one you visit, you’ll get a small look at local Macanese religion, which is a blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Temple in Coloane, Macao

4. Exploring old historical town of Macao

Old town, Coloane, Macao

I enjoyed walking through this old village. I love the old Portuguese-style architecture combined with Chinese-style building. Many of these buildings also have funky and creative wall art too. It’s colorful, bright, fun, and it looks good in pictures!

Tip: This surprisingly cool side of Macau is a great place for street photography and taking portraits in front of the brightly-painted shops and buildings.

Coloane, Macao

5. Macao Giant Panda Pavilion and Rare animals

Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

This small zoo is very good, and the animals seem to have a good quality of life there. We are so happy to see the pandas playing and actually doing things. Most of the time I have seen them only sleeping, but this time in Macau, The panda walked around and scratched his paws on his tree! There was also a Gibbon who was climbing and singing beautifully. His sign said that he really loves to sing when the weather begins to get a little cooler. They also have many other animals to see such as rare red pandas and snub-nose monkeys. When I was there, there are many parts that still under renovation, however the park and the pandas were awesome to visit. There’s also a small (free) exhibit about how the zoo raises and cares for baby pandas.

Tip: 10 Pataca/person; Free for students (including ISIC card)

Tip2: Don’t miss visiting the small and free Nature and Agrarian Museum which is located within the park.

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