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Snow Town Bangkok REVIEW: Winter Wonderland in Thailand

Snow Town Bangkok REVIEW: Winter Wonderland in Thailand

No, it's not a white Christmas in Bangkok, it's Snow Town, a... theme park? attraction? wintery thing? in Gateway Ekkamai, a Japanese-themed mall in downtown Bangkok. Experience a bit of Hokkaido winter in hot and humid Thailand.

Snow Town Bangkok

Snow Town made big news in Bangkok when it opened in 2015, and Christmas seems like the perfect time to visit a Hokkaido-themed winter wonderland on the top floor of a shopping mall in Thailand!

check in for tickets at snow town bangkok

Snow Town lobby

Tickets cost 80 baht for kids and 100 baht for adults. You have to rent special snow boots before you go in, and the waiting area is designed to feel like the lobby of a ski lodge.

Inside, we found a snowy plaza surrounded by wintery Japanese restaurants and shops. The "village" is supposed to look like a small town in Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. The main attraction though is the snow.

winter village

Well, I say snow. It's more like shaved ice. Walking onto the crunchy field is like walking on a big snow cone. So you can't exactly build a snowman or make a snow angel, but you can rent a toboggan and slide around on the ice. Of course, around Christmas time it's mostly a fun photo-op for couples and  families. Inside Snow Town, the temperature is probably around 50-60 degrees F (10-15 C).

field at snow town in bangkok thailand

From time to time, the lights will turn a dim blue, and "snow" (really foam) will fall from the sky. For the photo-ops though, it looks decently realistic.

the hokkaio village snowtown bangkok

Hokkaido Village

There's a hill that you can slide down, and for 600 baht, kids can take an hour-long ski lesson.

snow town bangkok restaurants

Afterwards, head back to the "lodge", and warm up with a hot coffee or tea. You can also have photo souvenirs made, like framed pictures and photo snow globes.

Is it worth it to visit? Well, it's not so expensive, and for a unique wintertime experience in Bangkok, it's pretty fun. There isn't a lot to do for adults, but kids (especially ones who have never seen snow) will enjoy playing, and the ski lessons look fun for kids too! Take some family Christmas photos, and have fun in "Hokkaido".

snow town bangkok ekkamai polar bear  decoration

Hours: Monday to Friday 11.00 am - 10.00 pm, Saturday - Sunday and Holidays 10.00am - 10.00pm

Location: Gateway Ekkamai 5th floor, near BTS: Ekkamai

Price: 80 baht for children, 100 baht for adults, ski lessons 600 baht

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