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Little Zoo Cafe - Bangkok Exotic Animal Cafe REVIEW

Little Zoo Cafe - Bangkok Exotic Animal Cafe REVIEW

white fox at a cafe

Sure, you may have heard of a cat cafe, but how about a cafe where you can play with a raccoon or a fox?

The Little Zoo Cafe, Bangkok's exotic animal cafe, has a new branch in Siam Square, just off Siam BTS. We visited to see what it's all about.

animal cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

Inside is clean and bright. The animals rotate throughout the day, and depending on when you arrive, you might have the chance to play with a prairie dog, a raccoon, or a fox! After washing your hands and changing into specially-provided slippers, you can head upstairs to the seating area, where playful dogs and cats are wandering around to meet you.

Bangkok cafe interior

As you drink your coffee, you might be greeted by one of the several friendly and playful little dogs that wander around, happy to meet all the visitors.

little dog at a cafe

But it's not only dogs and cats that you can see at the Little Zoo Cafe!

little dog and cat at a cafe

If you purchase one drink and one food item per person (reasonably priced), you can enter a special area for an up-close encounter with the more exotic animals. Only a small group of people can meet the animals at a time, and the animals are rotated throughout the day. You can only enter the exotic animal area with a staff member, who will guide the visitors, teach a little bit about the animals, and make sure that both the animals and the visitors are safe.

a white fox at a cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

If you are lucky, you might get the chance to interact with one of the more exotic animals. Although they look cute, the staff told us that raccoons don't usually make good pets. Most of them are moody and destructive. It takes one with a good temperament to live with humans. We prefer visiting them at the cafe where the handlers know how to take good care of them.

a raccoon at a cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

Little Zoo Cafe is located at Siam Square soi 11, just off the Siam BTS.

Opens at 11am. We recommend arriving early to avoid the crowds, and to get the best chance to visit the animals before they get too tired and go away for the day.

While we don't always agree with exotic animals being kept as pets, in our opinion, the animals at the Little Zoo Cafe seem to be well-cared for. They are rotated throughout the day to prevent the animals from getting stressed, and seem to be well-fed and well-groomed.

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