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REVIEW - Peace Oriental Teahouse - Bangkok

REVIEW - Peace Oriental Teahouse - Bangkok

black ice cream

A new Japanese tea house opened not long ago in Bangkok called Peace Oriental Teahouse. We went over the weekend to finally check it out!


Peace Oriental Teahouse is located down Ekkamai, just before Soi 4. It's just a short walk from Ekkamai BTS Station.

many types of matcha tea on a menu board


Don't arrive too early! The tea house is open from noon until 8:30 pm.


The interior is very modern and clean- like walking into a Japanese tea-themed Apple store!

There is plenty of seating in the second level, and lots of electrical outlets to charge your devices. It's a nice and very quiet place to work and enjoy some tea.

modern tea house interior with light wood

The menu at the tea house ranges wildly in price depending on the quality and grade of the tea.

You can purchase loose tea packets to take home as well, as well as teapots, tea cups, and matcha bowls and brushes.

teapots and tea cups on light wooden shelves inside the Japanese tea house

Food and Drink

Many different types of tea available. The very knowledgeable staff will be able to give a good recommendation based on your tastes.

The specialty is Japanese matcha tea, but there are many other types available as well.

We were recommended a special smoky green tea. Very nice! The server showed us how to make it ourselves in little batches, and left us the tea leaves and plenty of hot water. The tea makes several batches, so you can stay for a long time and enjoy the same pot of tea over and over.

a tray of Japanese tea

Their specialty though, the menu item that makes the Peace Oriental so famous is their "world's 'umamiest' ice cream".

The ice cream is made of a rich, dark green tea, and frozen inside a shell of bamboo charcoal. The ice cream is handmade in tiny batches - just ten scoops per batch - and made fresh every twenty-four hours.

It's the first and only time I've ever eaten ice cream with chopsticks! VERY COOL! Highly recommended!

green and black umami charcoal and green tea ice cream

Visit Peace Oriental Teahouse for this very special charcoal ice cream!

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