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REVIEW Nikko Cafe - Bangkok

REVIEW Nikko Cafe - Bangkok

a glass of green matcha tea

This weekend we paid a visit to Nikko Cafe, a trendy Japanese-style cafe and teahouse located in Ekkamai.


nikko cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

Nikko Cafe is located down Ekkamai Soi 12. You can get there by taking the BTS to Ekkamai. It's possible to walk in about 20 minutes, but it is a long way, so it's recommended to take a taxi to Soi 12.

Parking is available.

The cafe is very easy to find.


balcony cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

There is indoor and outdoor seating and free wifi. It is quiet, calm, and relaxing inside the cafe. People try to be quiet as they work on whatever they are doing. There are plenty of electrical outlets to plug in your phone or laptop.

modern stairs at Bangkok Nikko, Cafe

The Japanese-minimalist design is very cool! We especially like the modern stairs going up to the second floor.

tea house gardens at Nikko Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

The outdoor garden area looked very nice and comfortable as well. It would be perfect in the cool season, but right now it's just too hot to comfortably sit outside. There is lots of green and shade; the trees and plants can help your eyes relax and help you feel calm and less stressed.

 Food and Drink

modern frozen tea drinks at Nikko Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

The food is delicious! Very cool fusion food ideas.

We really like the funky modern tea desserts. We tried the "Matcha Cube" and "Milk Tea Cube" desserts.

The Japanese-Thai fusion Nikko Fried Rice is highly recommended!

fusion fried rice

Overall, an excellent place to spend a few hours working, relaxing, or hanging out with friends over some good food and drinks.

Several styles of Japanese tea are available.

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