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Comic #22 - The Last Sunset

Comic #22 - The Last Sunset


Comic # 22 - 1 March 2017

Before we travel, we always research and create a list of the top experiences we want to have wherever we are! This gives us a challenge to do as much as possible on our adventures.

*Our list for Burma included:

  1. Tea Salad - Burma is one of the only countries in the world that consumes the whole tea leaf! (It was a little bit sour, but very good)
  2. Myanmar Beer - we especially wanted to have a pint at the world-famous Strand Hotel in Yangon
  3. Wear Tanaka - this is a sandalwood paste that is popular in Burma. People wear it on their cheeks to act as a cosmetic, insect repellent, and sunblock
  4. Wear a Longyi - a longyi is the national outfit of Myanmar. It's a skirt-like article of clothing that both men and women wear daily. It's much more common than pants. It's nearly always required to wear one when visiting a temple.
  5. Cruise down the Irawaddy - take a relaxing day-long cruise from Mandalay to Bagan down the slow muddy waters of the famous Irawaddy River
  6. Milk Tea - have a cup of famous Myanmar Milk Tea

the Golden Rock at Mt. Kyaiktyo - very foggy and cold!

Our list also included seeing a sunset. Just one sunset! That's all we wanted! Unfortunately, the weather was just awful the entire time. It was cold and rainy in Yangon, cold and rainy at Mt. Kyaiktyo, and cold and rainy in Mandalay. Finally, near the end of our trip, our hotel in Mandalay offered a free happy hour "Sunset Cocktail". That was good enough for us!

The weather finally cleared on our very last day in the country though, and we finally got a beautiful sunset in Bagan, on our very last night!

a beautiful sunset over the Irawaddy River

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