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Comic #12 - Island Life

Comic #12 - Island Life

Comic #12 - Island Life - 2 November 2016

We wanted a rustic experience...

Koh Rong, Cambodia is not a developed island. There are no roads, cars, or motorbikes. There aren't even any vendors on the beach. It is still a mostly untouched paradise!

But living in paradise comes with a few challenges of its own! $21 a night got us a wooden bungalow (hut) just off the beach. There was no aircon, and the electricity which powered the fan only ran from 6pm-6am every day. That's ok though, because who wants to stay in their hut when you are literally steps away from the sea?

a jungle hut

I woke at dawn the first morning to the sounds of the jungle, and the bright, hairy face of a macaque monkey staring down at me from INSIDE the hut! We stared at each other for a few moments, then there was a crashing sound as the bungalow owner's two huge dogs came thundering through the jungle, scaring all the monkeys away. From the looks on their faces, I think chasing monkeys might be the highlight of those dogs' daily routine!

our bathroom

The day got even stranger, when we discovered that s


 had taken a big bite out of the soap we had left outside in the bathroom!

the offending soap

Island life is fun for a few days, but it took its toll on us. No hot water, no aircon, sleeping under mosquito nets, jellyfish stings, insect bites, weird jungle rashes... I was glad to take a hot shower when we finally got to Phnom Penh. But you have to admit, that view is pretty great.

Koh Rong is beautiful! If you are in Cambodia, we recommend staying at Paradise Bungalows.

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